Big Fevers

All of the works pictured are all approximately 20″ x 30″ on white paper. I’m to lazy to go measure them all right now. But trust me, that’s a lot of dots. By the way, in a creative burst, I named the larger works with numbers. The medium-sized ones, I organize with letters. Genius!


Brain-Fever #1

Shades of gray ink on white paper

Brain Fever #1

After a couple of tries with different pens, and experiments in scale, this was my first quill pen and ink Brain-Fever. Yes, I started out pretty big. With Brain-Fever #1, I was exploring the density of the dots and what that does visually. I mean, it’s not rocket science, that you put the dots closer together and it gets darker, but it was kind of fun to do. Especially fun was the right part, where it looks to me like it’s more dessicated and sinister.


Brain-Fever #2

Brain-Fever #2  is one of my favorites, though the photograph is kind of crappy. In #2, the density of the dots remains the same. Each little island is solid dots, with oceans of white between. (As I was working, I did think of them as islands and archipelagos.)  I like the flat quality that connecting them gives, versus the lacy, more three dimensional quality when each dot is separated by white.

James had #2 framed for me, suspended in a simple white frame with a white matting and it looks great. We have it hanging in our dining room where it inspires us all to eat more, apparently.

Oh. I spilled a bit of coffee on the paper and incorporated it, covering it with dots, rather than correcting it.


Brain-Fever #3


Brain Fever #3 approx. 30 X 20

After the first two in black and white, I wanted to try color and for some reason, I felt drawn to purple. (Me and Prince.) I want each of my Brain-Fevers to have some hideous aspect, something repulsive. In #3, for me, it’s that vortex in the lower right that might just suck you in and never let you go. Enjoy!


Brain-Fever #4

Brain Fever #4 (approx. 20 X 30", pen and ink)

Although this #4 is now clearly a landscape, it didn’t start out that way. As I was working on it, I had the paper sideways, with the blue on the left and not so obviously sky. I resisted making the obvious choice, but this orientation seemed the way the picture wanted to be and I just went with it. I really like the colors in this one in particular. There are several different shades of blues and purples in the sky and lots of different browns mixed together. Sometimes, when I’ve been slaving away and the mixture of the ink separates, the color changes progressively from dot to dot. Okay, I can’t believe I wrote that. Maybe it is obsessive.


Brain-Fever #5, #6 (The Lost Brain-Fevers!)

Not really lost. I just haven’t had a chance to go to the owners’ places and photograph them as of yet.


Brain-Fever #7

On the easel now, calling to me. Calling to me. Calling to me. Stay tuned.



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