These are selections from a few of the theatrical productions I was involved with as a composer and/or lyricist. They cover a pretty wide scope, but I hope they give you an idea of the kind of things I like to do.

  • The Story of Ferdinand: An Opera-teeny --
    And that's no bull
    At Lifeline Theatre in Chicago, they do fantastic adaptations of books and bring them to life on the stage. This was one of my very favorite productions I’ve been involved with. The Lifeline Kids Show aesthetic was to do good theatre that happens to appeal to kids, instead of the typical, overly-broad, pandering stuff that ...
  • Lizard Music and Snarkout Boys --
    This was my first mainstage production at Lifeline Theatre. In preparation for my meeting with the production team, I thought it might be a good idea to, for instance, read the book by Daniel Pinkwater. It’s a trippy tale about a young boy whose parents go away for a few days, he learns about the ...
  • The Tempest --
    This was a very interesting production to work on. Michael and I had worked together on a show called The Expense of Spirit for Bailiwick’s Gay Pride series, which later went on to NYC to play at the Gay Games IV, as well as an extended run at Victory Gardens. Michael was the best of directors ...

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