Doug hasn’t done much of anything and consequently, this will be mostly filled with lies. Read on at your own peril.

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My friend Ross Reay is a fantastic artist and you should stop looking at my page right now and go over to his new webpage. http://www.wix.com/rossreay/myartpage#!   Really I mean it. He’s that good. Click now. http://www.wix.com/rossreay/myartpage#!   Okay, you’re still reading. Cut it out. http://www.wix.com/rossreay/myartpage#!  

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes A Damned Dirty Ape stole Taylor Lautner's look!

What a perfect summer movie this is! James and I went with our friends Denis and Michael with pretty low expectations, but it was really a treat.

Don’t let the movie’s title fool you. Rise of the Planet of the Apes is really all about the relationships, and the characters and their connections, how they love each other, but betray each other. If you don’t shed a tear when James Franco finds the Curious George doll that he lost in kindergarten, I’ll be a…

No it’s not. It’s RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, for god’s sake.

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julia wyson design julia-wyson

is the fantastic creative force behind my website. Even when confronted with my stupidity around computer stuff, she explained it so I know how to update and fix things myself. I tried not to learn it, I swear, but despite myself I did. A couple of times I thought that I had broken the internet, but so far everyone still seems to be getting their emails and porn and conspiracy theories just fine. If you need a site, go to her.

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DOUG’S JOURNAL Separated at Birth

Is it me or…

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Truth or Consequences shows_torc_2

I took a certain young man—let’s call him “Banjamin”—to a friend’s house for a play date. While there this soon-to-be twelve-year-old said something disrespectful to me, his dad. His consequence was to write me a letter of apology.

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Fifty? Yes, fifty. IMG_0368

On July 2nd, 1963 twas born a babe. And his name was called, “Doug.”

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