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Sunday, February 11, 2018

New Short Fiction Series presents
“The Boombala Club and Other Stories” by Douglas Wood
at the Federal Bar and Grill
5303 N. Lankershim Blvd. N. Hollywood, CA 91691

Doug on Twitter

Stop Talking about ‘Norms’ https://t.co/LoruVX31p4 via @TPM

Clinton email investigation:
-2 yrs
-0 indictments
-0 convictions

Benghazi investigation:
-4 yrs
-0 indictments
-0 convictions

White Water investigation
-6 yrs
-0 indictments
-0 convictions

Trump/Russia investigation:
-1 yr (so far)
-19 indictments
-4 convictions

Just sayin'.

I heard a politician suggest we retrofit schools so they have fewer entrances and exits to make it easier for the police to lock down a school and stop a shooter. Guns don't kill people. Doors kill people. #SantaFeHighSchool

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