Riverbend Anthology

“Beneath its iron-solid surface the ancient river rolls along relentlessly gulf-bound until midway it wanders, first east, then northeast, before hooking unexpectedly west past a miles-long limestone bluff whose face it once carved …”

Originally published in Connotation Press.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

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Doug on Twitter

I feel like this was aired just for us! And also because Trump will hate it so much!

If a Black student has a Black teacher before the end of third grade, they're 13% more likely to go to college.

If they have two Black teachers before the end of third grade, they're 32% more likely to go to college.

Investing in public education and in HBCUs matters.

So the old white dude being a creepy racist asshole every other week is cool but the younger brown dude calling him out on double-talk is "disqualified" for being too aggressive - am I understanding this correctly?

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