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Riverbend Anthology

“Beneath its iron-solid surface the ancient river rolls along relentlessly gulf-bound until midway it wanders, first east, then northeast, before hooking unexpectedly west past a miles-long limestone bluff whose face it once carved …” Originally published in Connotation Press. Read the short story: Riverbend Anthology Video of Doug reading a selection from Riverbend Anthology Interview […]

The Barn

“When they pack up her house, a photograph will fall from the pages of a novel, carving arcs in the air as it drifts to the carpet. Pictured is an old falling-down barn. No one alive knows that this barn was built on the foundation of an even older falling-down barn, after it too fell down. No photographs, no paintings of that older structure exist, the thatched roof, the wattle and daub walls. No living soul heard the crack and the pop of the flames or remembers the charred east corner . . .”


“Clay steps inside his closet in search of a shirt that isn’t repulsive and discovers he’s left his body: a sensation neither pleasant nor unpleasant, but bewildering, definitely. Those hands, the fingers thin as paintbrushes, recognizably his, continue to sling hangers along the rail, but he observes the action from a close vantage, like the difference between the left and right eyes—that far away—an adjacent but distinct point of view. Dizzying, to watch yourself operate like normal, to function like someone in control when there’s no one in control and you can’t trust anything . . .”

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A young writer asked me:
Where can I find criticism & mentorship?
What are must-read Asian American books?
Should aspiring writers study a related subject or get an MFA?
Should young writers worry about getting published?

My answers here:


Did you read Charli Englehorn's piece in Manifest Station? Read this remarkable essay, White Allies. https://t.co/9cDbUzp2m9

What an engaging, thoughtful piece by @viet_t_nguyen. Will Frank* write a rebuttal? Only time will tell.

*Frank is a rando white guy that said that Viet doesn't understand the Vietnamese people or the American people. Ha!

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