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Douglas Wood’s work has been published in Narrative Magazine, Rattling Wall, and TheEeel (formerly Newer York). He received his MFA in creative writing from University of California, Riverside/Palm Desert where he served on the editorial staff of the Coachella Review. He was also marketing assistant at Dzanc. As a playwright, lyricist or composer, Douglas has had twelve plays produced in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere, including the Expense of Spirit which was selected for presentation in New York for the Gay Games IV.

Because of his theatrical and singing background, Doug very much enjoys doing readings and has been called to participate in many reading series in the Los Angeles area, including Dirty Laundry Lit, Tongue and Groove, Lit Crawl, and AWP at the Last Bookstore, among others. Sometimes he sings a little. Sometimes he uses a German accent. You never know.

If you want to send him an email, the address is Doug©DouglasWood•net.


Here are some more pictures of me:

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CD Release Party

I like this picture, but it makes me sad because I sat on those sunglasses. Those were some good sunglasses.

Wailing Wall

Striped pants rule! (Sara Corwin Photography)

You Don't Bring Me Flowered Shirts, Anymore 2

“You don’t bring me flowered shirts…anymore.”

(For those of you under 35. That was a joke because Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond sang a duet that went all the way to #1 called “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore.”)

(For those of you under 25, Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond were singers in the Paleolithic Age.)


Me drinking coffee in Sifnos, Greece. Mmmmmm. Good, good coffee.

Patented Rock star look, eyes closed, but it’s the chandelier on the head that makes this photo rise above.

They used to take pictures in black and white and they called it Art. I like this shot because it says Balls over my left shoulder. Balls. (Sara Corwin Photography)

Me and James at our wedding in Santa Barbra. Named after Saint Barbra Streisand. (See above.)

(Ali Nickel-Dubin Photography)







  1. Genevieve

    Oh, Dearest Doug Wood. You make me smile.

    • dougwood

      If I can but make one person smile, all the lies and cheating and backstabbing and bitchery will have all been worth it.

  2. Jo Ann Hinkle

    Doug, your novel sounds fascinating! I love controversial topics involving religion and sexuality. Keep writing!
    Jo Ann

    • dougwood

      Thanks Jo Ann! It was a blast to write. If Santorum wins the election, my book may come true…

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