The Bookist

a novel by Douglas Wood


The year is 2001. Last year was also 2001, as was the year before that. The year was fixed when the United States became the NationChurch, and will remain constant unto the end of time.

Thanks to his unbreakable, telegenic smile and his father’s political maneuvering, David Donohue begins the initiation rite that will propel him into the highest echelons of church leadership. Yet before the ceremony concludes, David is scrambling to keep his secret sin from jeopardizing the lives of his wife and daughters.

While David’s star ascends, his independent-minded mother Julia is weighted down, humiliated by the burdensome rules for women. Her husband tells her to cheer up as she feels her autonomy being stripped away layer by layer. Alone, she has to fight for the only thing under her control—her sanity.

Cast off in the desert, left for dead, David’s pious sister-in-law hears the unmistakable call of heaven, foreseeing the assassination of a prominent religious leader. After Adriane’s rescue, against Julia’s will, Adriane performs a miracle so shocking that the religious police come to call. The scriptures are clear: women do not perform miracles.

David, Julia, and Adriane Donohue’s lives converge and collide as phony saints are extolled, genuine miracles are doubted and fake demons attack. Ultimately, the story of the Donohue family is transformed into Bookist legend.


When I set about writing The Bookist, I wanted to craft the kind of novel I like to read, with intelligent characters (especially strong women), moral complexity, pitch black humor, and life-or-death stakes.

Most of my writing thus far has been for the stage. I’m a playwright, lyricist and composer, having been produced in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere. I also sing professionally and teach voice in Hollywood. I’ve written some new hymn lyrics for the novel that I’ll post here at some point in the future.

I’d love to hear any comments, suggestions, literary agents you know (hint, hint), or anything else you’ve got for me. You can leave a message on my website or email me at

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