Here are a few examples of arrangements I did with an awesome 5-voice a capella girls group called the Funk Divas.

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

They were all students of mine at Musician’s Institute. Although they sang five at a time, we had nine or ten women in the group in order to double cast each harmony part. I have to say that all the women in the group were very talented and could freaking blow! We continued working as several graduated but stayed in the area, but after three years I felt it was time for me to step back. They then worked with the lovely and talented Delby Smart. They changed their name to Feminique, (uh… I might have talked them out of that) but they still used my arrangements and still sounded great.

(I can’t remember which women were in on the session for the above songs, but I know lead vocals for Little Bird were by Natasha Volk Johansson. If memory serves, it was Shawna Basick, Natasha Volk Johansson, Maiya Sykes, Sonia Baicheva and Mini Neufeld.)

I’ll see what I can do to find a few more of their recordings and put them up.

Divas of Funk

Funk Divas

Pictured L to R are Funk Divas; Maiya Sykes, Charissa Nicole, Erin Haney, Vanessa Bryan and Sonia Baicheva who sang at my record release and rocked the house.


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  1. Hi Doug, I know Delby… worked with her… can you connect me to her?
    Delby Smart… thanks so much


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